A Well Regulated Militia

We The People are The Defenders of Freedom

IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED – vote occurs tomorrow

Two anti-gun ordinances are being considered by the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors. The proposed laws, file no. 130039 and 130040, respectively, are scheduled for a vote on Tuesday, March 5.

It does not matter if you do not live in San Francisco, this will eventually happen in ALL states if left unchecked. Even if you are not a law abiding California gun owner, please stand for the rights of ALL law abiding gun owners.

  • Follow the link below, sign, and click send. It will automatically send to all those representatives listed on that page.
  • You can add a reason why you oppose the proposal. Please be respectful. If you do not know what to write, copy and paste what I had sent (my reason is posted below the link)
  • contact EVERY law abiding gun owner you know to do the same, as well as contact everyone they know.

SIMPLE FACT: “If We The People can not UNITE to protect OUR Rights, we can no longer morally call ourselves The United States of America” – Sam (Yllek T Mas)

Please Follow This Link and Sign The Letter

Send a messageĀ opposing SF’s proposed anti-gun laws

Example of what I wrote when Signing

I oppose San Francisco File 130039 and File 130040 because this will ultimately be calling law abiding citizens criminals.

Ask YOURSELF this question honestly:

“If I vote YES on this, will all criminals suddenly become law abiding and enforce what is being proposed?”

I honestly believe it WILL NOT protect the law abiding Citizens you Represent.

I personally know the effects of having someone you love MURDERED by a criminal. My fiance was MURDERED by her ex husband who not only broke the law stating murder was illegal, but no less than SIX other laws, just within minutes of attacked her.

I am asking YOU to tell me personally how ANY of the recent proposals whould have stopped him from breaking the laws.

The Simple Fact is: No matter how sincere the intent or how strict the law, those who DISREGARD all laws will continue disregarding laws.

Until YOU and ALL representatives propose an honest, truthful, and sincere attempt to address the CRIMINAL instead of the Law Abiding Citizens, you be doing nothing but HURTING those who YOU represent instead of protecting them.

The SIMPLE FACT is: YOU either represent the law abiding citizens , or YOU represent the criminals. There is only one choice. That choice is YOURS.

VOTE NO and tell the citizens YOU represent that YOU honestly have their better good in not only your mind, but in your heart.

To VOTE YES, you are siding with the criminals. The TYRANTS who are victimizing the citizens YOU represent.

YOUR choices on ANY gun or ammo legislation will either serve those who YOU represent or serve those who victimize those YOU represent.

For the love of OUR nation, The love of OUR Constitution, The Love of OUR fellow law abiding citizens, PLEASE, I beg of YOU, CHOOSE wisely.

[End of example]

“Freedom is only guaranteed by those who stand and fight for it” – Sam


– Yllek T Mas


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