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T.N.T. Ted Nugent Tuesday – 3/5/2013

I realize that even though this section of A Well Regulated Militia is only a few weeks old, and I had posted this weeks video as a “Bonus” video previously, I have a very good reason for highlighting this week.


No matter what your personal opinion may be regarding Ted, I ask that you listen to the FACTS being presented in this video.  NONE of us are without bias, and Ted is no exception. But to disregard the facts solely on the basis of who is presenting them is irresponsible and the base foundation for Ignorance.

Once again, DO NOT rely on ANYONE’S “Word For It” where facts are concerned. DO your own honest unbiased research. Facts are Facts and as such belong to no particular political party, individual, or ideology.

To learn THE FACTS about Illinois, and Chicago gun legislation that is ALREADY on the books long BEFORE the recent gun debates, please read my article Are You Being Lied To About Guns and Your Personal Safety. You WILL be surprised regarding what is NOT being told to the American people regarding how Gun Control has affected that state.

If there is ANYTHING you either agree with or disagree with that has been presented in the above video, let your voice be heard in the comments section below.

Ted Nugent Official Website

Join NRA! Protect Your Second Amendment Rights!

Disclaimer: A Well Regulated Militia is not affiliated with Ted Nugent, TedNugent.com, The NRA, or any other person or organization unless explicitly and specifically stated as such.  Everything posted here, including T.N.T. (Ted Nugent Tuesday) is for informational purposes only and presented AS IS. It is up to the viewer to be personally responsible for their own opinions, actions, endorsements, or any other choice as a result of viewing this or any material here at A Well Regulated Militia.

You Are The Voice of America

– Yllek T Mas


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