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T.N.T. – Ted Nugent Tuesday (on Wednesday) 3/13/13

If you are an Honest Free Thinking Individual Law Abiding American Citizen, you do not want to miss what is presented in this weeks video. On the other hand, if YOU discredit this clip due to it’s content being presented by Glen Beck, yet YOU support ANY supposed honest factual truth presented by the biased Main Stream Media, I suspect YOU are not really concerned with truthful facts in the first place.

I normally prefer to stick with just Ted Nugent on T.N.T. – Ted Nugent Tuesday, but I am compelled to present you the following links to RECENT news stories which are VERY MUCH Relevant to what this weeks video is presenting.

New Jersey Mother has guns confiscated due to false accusations

NYC Mayor Bloomberg plans DAYS after Aurora to make the next Massacre count

California Seizes Guns as Owners LOSE rights to keep arms

Okay, now let’s get started. I realize this entry is a day late for this weeks installment of T.N.T. But just as all good things, It’s better late than never :0)

This weeks video is an interview with Ted Nugent on the Glen Beck show which aired almost one year ago, BUT the information being presented is STILL VERY RELEVANT and it is jam packed with FACTS Every single Law Abiding citizen NEEDS to be aware of.

This video and it’s content are self explanatory. And once again, PLEASE HONESTLY do YOUR OWN research of EVERYTHING presented. It is not only irresponsible to take Anyone Else’s “Word for it”, it is down right dangerous.

If there is ANYTHING you either agree with or disagree with that has been presented in the above video, let your voice be heard in the comments section below.

Ted Nugent Official Website

Join NRA! Protect Your Second Amendment Rights!

Please, if you have not read my recent article regarding Gun Control please do so by following the bellow link. NOW is the time to take action before your rights to do so are stolen from you.

The Simple Facts of what Senator Feinstein is Proposing

To be a well informed Individual Free Law Abiding Citizen it is imperative to be aware of the up to date current Gun Control proposals being pushed by YOUR representatives. I suggest visit the California Rifle and Pistol Association’s website. http://www.crpa.org/

Disclaimer: A Well Regulated Militia is not affiliated with Ted Nugent, TedNugent.com, Glen Beck, The Glen Beck Show, The California Rifle and Pistol Association, The NRA, or any other person or organization unless explicitly and specifically stated as such.  Everything posted here, including T.N.T. (Ted Nugent Tuesday) is for informational purposes only and presented AS IS. It is up to the viewer to be personally responsible for their own opinions, actions, endorsements, or any other choice as a result of viewing this or any material here at A Well Regulated Militia.

Please never forget These SIMPLE FACTS:

 YOU are the government

YOU are an EQUAL participant in the governance of OUR Nation

YOU are NOT insignificant. Silence is Insignificant

You Are The Voice of America


– Yllek T Mas


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